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Hormonal dysfunction other than diabetes

Each subject fulfilled at least two of the three criteria for adequate penile arterial blood pressure relative to brachial artery pressure.

While none of the subjects had clinical signs of peripheral neuropathy, there was a statistically significant difference between the BCRL for the full nocturnal erection group (34.5 msec), and five subjects without full nocturnal erections (40.2 msec; Fig 3). However, two subjects from each group did have abnormal OGTT responses.

Five subjects had elevated 2-hr pp serum glucose levels, ranging from 144 to 262 mg/dl. Four of these demonstrated abnormal responses to an OGTT. Of these four, three were taking 15 to 20 mg of prednisone per day. Although all were diet-controlled, one did require insulin for a brief time while his dosage of prednisone was being tapered.

Hormonal Function

Hormonal dysfunction other than diabetes did not appear to be a major problem in this group.

There were no subjects with elevated prolactin assays, and only one subject had a persistent elevation of erections had low to normal testosterone levels (4.6 МШ/ml; normal, 4 to 10 МШ/ml) with elevated LH levels (139 МШ/ml; normal, 3 to 30 МШ/ml). Replacement doses of testosterone cipro-nate for six months improved his libido but failed to correct his erectile dysfunction.

Based on their historic responses, the subjects were ranked 1 through 20 in each of four areas of sexual function: frequency of coitus, libido, morning erections, and quality of erections Viagra Canada.

The rank scores from each area were added to give a composite sexual function rank with a minimum score of 4 and a maximum score of 80. The higher scores represented those subjects with the least impairment of sexual function. In a similar manner, using the four pulmonary function parameters that individually correlated best with sexual dysfunction, subjects were ranked using the РаОг and the percent of predicted values of FEVi, FRC, and Deo (Fig 5); a high score represented the least amount of pulmonary functional impairment.

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