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How To Create Tasty High Cholesterol Diet Recipes

Battling with your physical situation or a loved one’s high cholesterol levels is easy with high cholesterol diet recipes that won’t rob the joy out of food. Thanks to the increasing awareness of people to become more fit and healthy in order to avoid debilitating diseases, chefs and food lovers alike have whipped up easy-to-cook, low cholesterol meals that pack in a lot of flavor. If you are skeptical but want to become more healthy, you can actually incorporate key ingredients they use to your own recipes to lower your cholesterol. Here’s a short and simple guide to become more healthy and eliminate saturated fat in a delicious way.

Adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle is now easier to achieve with the wealth of creative minds who sought to contribute in eliminating dangerous levels of cholesterol in our system. Science and the creative minds from the culinary world have taken notice of the prevailing disease of high cholesterol levels in people. In United States alone, an estimated half of the entire American population is suffering from high cholesterol. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. Diet recipes that are tasty and delicious and, more importantly, contain no saturated fats are now a must, not a mere option for most families.
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Here’s a list of key ingredients you should use in your diet recipes, to combat high cholesterol:

Garlic: Garlic contains allicin, which gives the garlic’s distinct smell and is actually very good for your blood. Allicin helps in reducing your cholesterol, prevents blood clots, and helps your blood from becoming too sticky, which contributes to even more problems for high cholesterol sufferers. Experts advice a daily intake of a maximum of three cloves of fresh garlic for about two to six months.

Prunes: Prunes are packed with pectin, a soluble fiber which absorbs the cholesterol in your intestines even before it travels through your bloodstream. Use prunes generously on your fresh salad as substitute for other sweeteners in your high cholesterol diet recipes, and even just as a snack option for you or a loved one.

Fish and Chicken: Fish in particular is low in fat and packed with protein. The way you cook it makes a difference. Poultry should be skinless and removed of any visible fats. Pan-broiled, stir-fried (non-stick pan), baked, and roasted are the better option instead of the usual deep-frying methods. Regardless of your health, you should never eat fried foods, but especially if you have high cholesterol, no matter how good it tastes. Fish and most seafood are rich in healthy polyunsaturated fats. Omega-3 which helps lower the risks of heart disease in most people is found in some fatty fish such as trout and salmon. Instead of frying fish, you can poach, bake, broil, and steam it along with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice or your own choice of fresh herbs.
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Other main ingredients you should stock up on for high cholesterol diet recipes are: whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes. It is crucial that you eat a variety of foods. The more colorful and fresh it is due to the mix of vegetables and fruits, the better. Remember, the most powerful nutrition strategy you could make when it comes to high cholesterol, and diet recipes is to eat in moderation and choosing freshly cooked meals over processed fast food and junk foods.

Pancreatic Lipase Tests

Lipase is an enzyme produced by the pancreas that is normally used to aid in digesting food by breaking down triglycerides into fatty acids which can then be used by your body or stored for later usage. In cases of pancreatitis this enzyme is usually elevated in the bloodstream and can be tested to help diagnose the problem. When you have symptoms that seem to be of a pancreatic disorder such as severe abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, or nausea your Doctors might order this test.

Normally the enzyme is released by the pancreas into the small intestines to help digest the food that you eat but it is also present in your blood in small quantities. During a pancreatic attack its levels will generally rise in the bloodstream then drop back towards normal after 5-7 days. In most cases it is a good indicator of the severity of a pancreatic attack.

Many times Doctors will order an amylase test at the same time even though it is less specific and also can indicate other problems. Amylase is a less specific test than lipase for indicating pancreatitis which is why many times the two tests are ordered at the same time. By evaluating the results of the two tests together Doctors can diagnose or rule out pancreatitis as the cause of the symptoms.

Both tests are done by drawing a blood sample from your arm. When the pancreas is inflamed by injury or blockage there is an increase in the amount of both enzymes that enters the bloodstream. With acute pancreatitis the lipase levels, which normally run from 3 to 71 units/L, can increase by 10 times or more. The concentrations will rise within 24 to 48 hours of a pancreatic attack and remain high for 5 to 7 days.

However, these tests are not a perfect indicators of a pancreatic condition since their values tend to fall as the pancreas becomes more damaged. This is why other tests including labs, urine analysis, x-rays, MRI’s, and CT scans are used by Doctors to help make an accurate diagnosis.

It is especially important to treat pancreatitis as soon as possible because of the potential serious medical problems. Although you can recover from an acute pancreatic episode if treated properly, it can also develop into a chronic problem that can cause irreversible damage and even death. As the pancreas becomes scarred it can cause diabetes and/or problems with digesting foods.

Green Lipped Mussel – Is It Really Effective For Arthritis?

Green Lipped Mussel-A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

The Green Lipped Mussel is one of the most nutritious whole foods created by our nature. The minerals found in the Green Lipped Mussel are similar to those in healthy human blood on a molecular level. It is rich in protein, iron and vitamin-12. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin in natural form. It is being used as an anti-inflammatory supplement worldwide.

What is Arthritis?

The myth of arthritis – most people believe that arthritis is the process of aging.

The fact is arthritis is not a part of aging. There are many people suffering from the pain of arthritis under the age of 60 and even children can get arthritis. There are more than 100 type of arthritis. The most important thing is to know the most common type of arthritis and learn how you can prevent them and keep your joint healthy and live a happy life.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It is true that your chances of getting osteoarthritis increases as you aged due to wear and tear of your joints. However, there are things that we can do to minimize the risk.

Prevention of Arthritis

Obesity is a major risk factor for developing osteoarthritis because the heavy weight of your body exerts a great pressure on your joints especially at the knees and ankles. So watch your weight to reduce your risk of getting osteoarthritis.
High impact sports, abuse and injuries are also risk factors for developing osteoarthritis. According to the Arthritis Foundation, athletes and sport persons have higher risk of developing osteoarthritis. To minimize your risk, try your best to prevent injuries. Implement proper training procedures to minimize stress on your joints.

Regular light exercises such as walking, biking and swimming can help to prevent arthritis and are even good for people already suffering from osteoarthritis. Regular activities will help reducing joint pain and improve joint function. Most importantly, exercises will help you to maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress on your joints.

Eating right can also help to prevent osteoarthritis. Eat a balanced diet, replace high calories foods with low calories one. A balanced diet will help you get all the necessary nutrients for normal metabolism and help to maintain a healthy weight.

Treatment of Arthritis

There are many drugs used to treat arthritis but all of them have some kind of negative side effects.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammation drugs (NSAIDs) including ibuprofen and aspirin are used to relieve pain, fever and inflammation. These can cause side effects such as stomach bleeding and increased the risk for heart and cardiovascular problems.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) has the same medical effects as NSAIDs but it can be harmful to your liver and kidney.

Corticosteroid is another drug commonly used to treat arthritis, but it can cause weight gain which will eventually increase the stress on your joints. This drug can also increase your risk for infection, cataracts and weak bone (osteoporosis).

There are other drugs used in treating arthritis but unfortunately all of them have serious negative side effects.

Green Lipped Mussel – Anti-Inflammatory Supplement Created By Nature

Due to the negative effects of using conventional drugs, many people are now turning to the Green Lipped Mussel as an alternative anti-inflammatory supplement.

Green Lipped Mussel is widely known for two distinctive properties:-
*Relieves joint pain
*Suppresses inflammation

These are the two benefits that most of GLM anti-inflammatory supplements in the market now provide. However, the actual benefits of the Green Lipped Mussel can be many times more than these if only the raw materials are processed fresh and using the right procedures.

The other possible benefits of the Green Lipped Mussel are:-
*Beauty for the skin, hair and nails
*Improvement of the blood circular system
*Improvement of the immune system
*Improve the potential for fertility
*Improve the function of nervous system
*Being a whole food containing omega-3 which fulfill the body’s nutrition requirement

Green Lipped Mussel supplement definitely can help to improve the health of people suffering from osteoarthritis provided they pick the right brand.

Colon Cleansing Kits Provides Constipation Relief Naturally

Constipation is not an uncommon problem amongst people. It is a problem that everyone has faced at one point or the other. Some face it occasionally while some others suffer chronic constipation problems. However, whether you encounter intermittent or chronic problems both are equally painful. Having an unclear bowel can cause inconvenience and discomfort throughout the day. Though it is not a serious illness, it has to be dealt with at the earliest. It is essential that proper constipation relief should be implemented to ease the patient’s pain and agony. Fortunately, the advance of science and technology has provided a number of constipation treatment options that can help you seek instant relief.

But before opting for a constipation treatment, it is essential that you understand the origin of the problem. Understanding the cause of the problem can help you seek the proper and appropriate treatment. There are a number of causes that can lead to irregular bowel movements. Some of these problems include unhealthy eating habits such as skipping breakfast, insufficient intake of water or other fluids and a lack of fibrous foods in your diet. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains are rich in fibers. These fibrous foods help digestion by facilitating bowl movement and push the toxic waste of the system. Water is a natural stool softener that helps in passing the stool smoothly. Thus, having a proper fibrous diet and enough water along with regular exercise can help you achieve constipation relief naturally. These natural and convenient methods can help you treat this symptom easily and prevent many health issues.

Apart from these methods, there are some other options that you can consider. Colon cleansing is one such option that has gained immense popularity in the last few years. It is a method that helps cure indigestion and constipation by providing instant relief. Colon cleansing can be done in a number of ways. You can find a plethora of products catering to colon cleansing. These products are smartly and thoughtfully designed, so that it can be used conveniently by everyone. You can find colon cleansing kits in health and grocery stores. Today, everyone can use these kits to achieve instant constipation relief, unlike before when few could afford them. With the increasing demand and keeping the cost sensitive customers in mind, many organizations offer these kits at an affordable rate.

There are a number of natural treatment products that are used in these kits. Some of the popular fibrous ingredients include gum, guar, psyllium, flaxseed and other such colon cleansers. You can also find a variety of diverse natural ingredients in the market. However; it is advisable to consult a doctor before using these colon cleansers. Colon cleansing can also be conducted at home under the supervision of an experienced doctor. Colon irrigation is another method that can help you acquire constipation relief. It is a popular method used by many Hollywood stars to keep their digestive system healthy. You can browse the net to know more about these methods and kits providers.

Rapid Weight Loss is What Obese People Wants

‘I want to get rid of my fatness as soon as possible’, a sentence you might have heard many times through the mouth of an obese person. They say they want to lose weight every now and then and you will find them more talking about losing weight than actually putting themselves into some action. It is indeed a general behavior of people who want to lose weight that they keep talking and thinking about ways that could help in losing weight. Although this could be helpful in defining a definite goal but sometimes this could lead them astray.

Many people try to adopt methods in which there is rapid weight loss. Certainly, everyone wish to look great. It adds a lot of confidence when people have slim and smart body. People feel like they are socially accepted and can make friends more easily when their appearance is good. While these things do count to a certain level but thinking about too much of these can let you in trouble because you might lose your own personality when you go on trying what is socially acceptable. Obesity is not good with the healthy point of view because it might leads to a lot of people. But, obesity should be dealt in a smart, sensible and reasonable way. First of all, bring discipline in your life that would make things better for you. You can then give tasks to be strictly followed by yourself so that you could make your way through losing weight.

There is an obvious desire of people to lose weight as fast as they could. Rapid weight loss is possible and it also depends on what ways you want to adopt in order to lose those extra fat chunks of your body. Rapid weight loss methods can be adopted in both healthy and unhealthy ways. People do not want to become prey of those techniques that could prove to be unhealthy for them. Some people who do not bother much to consult from professionals before going for any weight losing techniques can end up harming their health and body. In the greed of losing weight people often forget if a diet plan that is not healthy is adopted can prove to be really dangerous. Sometimes people use products that claim that you will lose in just few days but there aftereffects is that as soon as you stop using those products you start to put on weight again.

Some of the best ways to lose weight is to exercise regularly, see what you are eating and put efforts in trying to stay active. When you put your body to work out in a safe and healthier way not only you get more energy but also your confidence level increases and you start to stay happy most of the time. So, start a healthier life by starting a weight lose plan that will stick with you as long as you want a healthier life.

Clenching Your Teeth Can Be a Real Headache

Do you get constant, chronic headaches? Do you wake up with headaches that ruin your entire day? Have you been told that these headaches are caused by your sinuses or from migraines? Are you tired of taking medication which provides only temporary relief? Did you know that a simple bite appliance provided by your dentist can resolve many of these problems? Read on.

True, you may indeed suffer from sinus headaches or migraines, but did you know that many of these types of headaches are really TENSION headaches. Many people just call their headaches migraines for no better term to call them because the pain is usually in the same location on the head, namely the temporal region (at the side of one’s head lateral to the eyes). It’s even possible to have both types of headaches at the same time; tension headaches can make a true migraine worse or maybe even trigger a true migraine.

Stress often exhibits itself through the CLENCHING (also known as gnashing) or GRINDING of the teeth (both referred to as parafunctional habits). Children often grind their teeth, but not usually due to stress as to a change in dentition from baby to adult teeth. Adults mostly CLENCH rather than grind their teeth; this is mostly due to STRESS. Just watch your friends, work associates, actors, athletes. You can see often see their masseter (jaw) muscles flex like little pumps. If a person clenches his teeth during the day he frequently does it even more at night and usually with much more intensity; in fact one can do it so hard that it can wake you up suddenly during the night and often result in a nice headache upon wakening. It can disrupt your REM sleep.

Clenching can contribute not only to headaches, but can exacerbate Periodontal Disease. If your dentist tells you that you have periodontal disease, the severity of the breakdown can often be attributed to these parafunctional habits.

Chronic gum chewing can mimic severe tooth clenching. Can chronic gum-chewing be injurious to your dental health and over all well-being? Quite possibly. Since it is well- known that the muscles of mastication, namely the masseter and temporalis muscles are able to exert up to 500 lbs/sq in onto the molar teeth thus ripping apart any gum that you may be chewing you can then understand the physiologic mechanisms as described below.

Several things happen during this masticatory action:

  1. Drainage of blood from the brain to the above muscles (maybe as much as 10 cc’s) causing a brief lapse in consciousness or the inability to fully concentrate; the fact that you may not even know you are “chewing” is indeed proof of this lapse in consciousness. A realistic example: Do chin ups or do curls with 20 pound weights and try to read a textbook at the same time;
  2. Lactic acid and CO2 can build up in the muscles; pain and headaches can result;
  3. Concurrently, the brain also releases endorphins which can give you a feel-good sensation; this is why it’s difficult to stop chewing (like drug addiction). It is a vicious cycle.
  4. Finally, but maybe the most important fact: While sleeping your brain still wants you to chew (even without the presence of gum); this can result in a very poor quality of sleep and sometimes resultant headaches upon wakening. This lack of sleep will of course affect your overall performance for the next day. This is a very, very common phenomenon or dysfunction and may perhaps be the most prevalent phenomenon in our society today.

In conclusion, theoretically you should be able to perform better without chewing gum thus increasing your ability to concentrate. You may be doing okay now, but will do better not chewing at all. If you have to chew, only do so for 20 minute intervals. The sudden cessation of chewing gum is like stopping smoking (drug addiction), but after a while (several months) performance and well-being should be back to normal.

What can be done to resolve this unnecessary pain? IF your pain is properly diagnosed, many dentists make a device called a nightguard. This appliance is useful in many cases, but does not always eliminate the headaches. The main complaint of a nightguard is that it is too big, too thick and very uncomfortable to wear.

Most Common Effects Caused By Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is a feeling that is characterised by nervousness, fear, apprehension and worrying. Feeling of fear and worrying is justified in some cases like before examination, interview or stage performance and death of loved ones. Mild anxiety is vague and goes away with time but severe anxiety for a long time can cause various effects on health. Anxiety is serious if it is having an impact on the normal functioning of the body. The effects of anxiety can be on both physiological and psychological level. During an anxiety attack, number of physical, mental and behavioural changes is experienced by the person.

Effect of anxiety on the physical level:

Short term anxiety that is experienced while walking down the dark street alone at night and a dark shadow appears, brings on many physical symptoms. These symptoms are shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, cold and clammy palms. The increase in heart rate is due to the sympathetic nervous system which results in increased blood flow to the heart and blood vessels. During an anxiety attack, signal is sent to the autonomic nervous system of the brain which activates the sympathetic nervous system. This prepares the body for fight/flight response. The rate of respiration increases due to the fight/flight response resulting in deep and rapid breathing. Symptoms like breathlessness, choking feeling and pain in the chest may also occur. Confusion, blurred vision, dry mouth and hot flushes are some of the effects of short term anxiety attack.

Long term anxiety can gradually have an impact on all the organs of the body. It is characterised by long lasting anxiety related to nonspecific life events and situations. Prolonged anxiety brings on various health problems like headaches, migraine, sensation of lump in throat and difficulty in swallowing and acute exacerbation of asthma. Various body pains are due to the constriction of blood vessels due to the effect of anxiety. Anxiety also affects digestive system causing indigestion, pain in abdomen, heartburn and diarrhoea. Overall immune system of a person is affected making him more prone to other illnesses. One of the major effects of anxiety is sleeplessness.

Effect of anxiety on mental plane:

    • One of the major effects of anxiety is sleeplessness. Person is unable to fall asleep or remain asleep due to the constant thinking going on in the mind. Disturbed sleep can also be because of bad dreams or nightmares. This irregular sleep pattern can further cause disturbing symptoms like irritability, aggression and lethargy.
    • Prolonged anxiety can have an effect on brain causing confusion and difficulty in concentration due to crowded thoughts in the mind.
  • Irrational fears and phobias and extreme agitation are seen due to disturbed emotions. Behavioural symptoms like shaking and repetitive movements of the hand and legs are indications of anxiety. Severe anxiety has many features of depression.
  • There is increased sensitivity to various external impressions like light, noise and sound.

The effects of anxiety are treated by removing the underlying cause behind the anxiety. Treatment includes combination of medicines, psychotherapy and behavioural therapy.

HCG – Distinctive Weight loss Program like No Other

The usefulness of HCG diet when it comes to losing weight and managing a healthy life-style continues to fascinate a large number of people who experienced its impact. This goes exactly the same with those that want to benefit from its weight reduction advantage. There are actually three wonderful points about this program that made it very popular to dieters. First, it enables a quicker method of reducing your weight. Second, it helps in keeping the weight you reached after the program and finally, it helps you gain optimal weight. All these three things are completed if the dieter is well motivated and aware of the rewards it can offer.

This weight-loss program can help you lose weight quick because of the hormone itself and the distinctive diet. The HCG diet drops is one of the latest versions of introducing the hormone into the body. Once it gets into your system, it immediately operates by changing the metabolic rate in order for it to work successfully when it comes to burning calories and in suppressing the appetite of the dieter. Another great advantage of taking this hormone is it helps keep the body from toxic and harmful substances. Overall, it helps promote a healthy body, permanently.

This diet program is different from other weight loss systems in the present day simply because of the calorie consumption that must be implemented importantly by the dieter everyday. The dieter must take note that this diet only allows 500 calorie consumption. The meals included are those which are rich in protein and also fiber foods and also liquids such as fruit juices and water. The protein will help in building the muscles while liquids and fiber helps in the detoxification process.

Along with the low calorie diet, there are actually some requirements that dieters ought to also follow in order for them to use the diet safely. First, the dieters are needed light physical exercise for example walking. Using food supplements is also recommended to supply the body with its needed nutrients while under the diet and finally, eating in fast foods must be prevented.

The HCG diet plan is developed in a way that it can help you maintain a healthy body and fit body in long term. It’s not like other common diets which will let you lose weight, but after stopping the diet would take back the weight they have lost. Probably the most helpful part of this program is it helps you transform your life-style, which will contribute much in the maintenance of healthy body weight.

Dentist – How To Find One

Oral health is an extremely important part of being healthy. Both for you and your family, keeping your teeth and gums strong is as important as taking care to prevent all other health problems. We often forget to do this. We don’t really pay heed when it comes to taking care of our teeth. But if you might not be aware, there are various other disease that can result from a bad teeth functioning. Heart diseases, strokes, and headaches are the most common. Other than the daily cleaning and washing of your teeth, it is highly advisable that you consult a reliable dentist. A dentist is the person to guide you through all the procedures to keep your teeth and gums healthy. He/she would be the one to help when you would suffer from tooth pain or a bleeding gum. It might happen that you would need a surgery of the teeth, no matter how good it is. For all this reason, it is a must that you have a family dentist who would be responsible to take care of the entire family dental needs.

When it comes to finding a reliable dentist, it is certain that it would take you a lot of time to find one. One main reason being, there are so many of them in your area. You have to be sensible when you are trying to select a dentist.

Here are some tips which are going to help you to make the right choice:

Firstly, it is obvious that you are going to check the net when looking for a dentist. The reputed ones would have a good website. You can get the maximum information that would need. Make a quick glance through all their services and charges.

Secondly, after you have searched the websites well, it is now time to give them a call and talk to them or even better to visit the dental clinics. This way you would get to know the quality of service in details. Talk to the dentist to clarify all the doubts that is clouding your mind.

Thirdly, make sure when you give the dentist a visit, you take a look around to check the type of equipments he/she has got in their clinic to ascertain that your treatment will be in good hands. You also need to check how hygienic it is.

Kick The Disgusting Habit Of Smoking

Smoking is a very disgusting habit which is very injurious to health. Smoking tobacco causes cancer and various other lung diseases. One thing that can be stated without a shred of a doubt is that if you smoke cigarettes, your lifetime will reduce. Besides the intensity of how smoking affects a person’s health can never be judged entirely as it depends upon the individual and his genetics. There are people who have smoked for over 5 years and above and still went to live till 70 or even 80. There are people who have smoked for about couple of years and died contracting cancer at a very young age of 35, 40 years. Thus, how it will affect and to what intensity it can affect a person can never be predicted entirely. Although for decades now many organizations have fought for the ban of selling of cigarettes, it is still pretty much legal but with a cautious notification in every packet that smoking tobacco is injurious to health. It is high time every smoker realizes the drastic effects of smoking as a habit and kicks it once and for all.

Smoking contains nicotine which is most addictive substance of many other drugs available in the market. It is nicotine that makes a person obsessed and become an addict over exposure. Quitting the habit is not really easy as a result and there are always withdrawal symptoms that tag along. Combating these withdrawal symptoms is a big headache that most addicts are put through. And most rehabilitation centers don’t let you kick the habit immediately. They gradually work towards reducing the usage and finally make you get used to live a life without smoking. In the process addicts make use of nicotine gums, nicotine patches and various other substitutes for the intake of nicotine. The biggest problem in smoking cigarettes is not just the dependency factor towards nicotine substance, but also the tar that is created with the smoke and burning paper which creates lots of lung related diseases in your body.

You can also buy electronic cigarettes to kick the habit of smoking. This helps you to combat the withdrawal symptoms pretty well. Electronic cigarettes are artificial cigarette devices that supplies nicotine to your body with the help of a process that relies upon a battery for electricity. The battery can be charged and you can make use of the device whenever you feel like smoking once again. There are lot of websites and stores available on the market that sells cheap electronic cigarettes. These devices are portable as well and thus you can carry it in your pocket wherever you travel. But remember to refill the cigarette with E-Liquid Nicotine and charge the battery as well before you go anywhere. These electronic cigarettes also come in disposable forms which are much cheaper than the chargeable ones. But then again, until you kick the habit, you’ll have to keep spending a lot in buying those disposable cigarettes. For further details, log onto, goodejuice website. You can avail for special discounts on bulk orders.

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