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Food, Mood and Time Of Day

What You Eat And At What Time, Can Influence How You Feel During The Different Stages Of The Day

Your body and brain require different nutrients at different times of the day, and when you know what they are, you can maximize your effectiveness.

As the day starts you need specific neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, as well as noradrenaline and nor epinephrine levels to rise. They give you the alertness and focus required to start your day off being wide-awake.

Interestingly, even while you are still sleeping, your levels of cortisol start rising, which is part of the reason that you wake when the sun rises. Your brain has been preparing you to wake up, by releasing hormones that will stimulate you.

Low levels of these hormones, could be due to low levels of their precursors namely amino acids, two being particularly important, namely tyrosine and phenylalanine. Therefore, a breakfast with protein rich foods will ensure your feeling of alertness will extend into the late morning.

Consuming low fructose fruit and nuts, with a whole-grain cereal is a good start, as are some free-range eggs, with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

If you’re not a breakfast person, think about a good, nutrient dense green drink, that has lots of natural vitamins and minerals in it, or a simple smoothie, with your choice of milk, a frozen banana, some frozen berries and nuts. It’s easy to throw your Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) into this blend, and whiz up a creamy, tasty nutritious breakfast.

Having a mid morning snack, of a carbohydrate and a protein, such as an apple and some almonds, means that your blood glucose will remain stable, and you’ll get some good fats and protein to keep your brain – and body, nourished till lunchtime.

As your brain is the most energy hungry organ in your body, you should remember to keep it well nourished, and supplied with the nutrients that will keep you feeling alert, and positive. Its primary source of fuel is carbohydrates, but it requires protein to produce the neurotransmitters that are the communicators between neurons, so if you run short on them, your neurons will battle to talk to each other, so you could end up being irritable, unable to focus, or learn, and of course your memory will suffer too.

Acetylcholine, is another important neurotransmitter, which is intimately involved in forming memories, and it is made up of choline, which is found in eggs and lecithin, a derivative of soya beans, as well as peanuts, brussels sprouts, wild salmon, cauliflower and almonds, beef, and liver, although liver isn’t recommended, as the liver is the detoxifying organ of the body, and would therefore be full of toxic compounds from the animal.

Choose organic animal products, for health reasons.

Lunch should comprise of unrefined carbohydrates, whether you choose a salad, or whole grain sandwich, just ensure you also have some good protein with them.

Choose either a vegetarian source of protein, such as legumes, or nuts, or an organic animal source. This is also a great time to add your EFA’s as they will keep your blood sugar even until your afternoon snack, which should once again be a combination of unrefined, unprocessed carbohydrate and protein.

You may choose to snack on come sun dried tomatoes and macadamia nuts, or celery sticks and natural, uncolored hard cheese, but ensure you eat something nutritious before the afternoon slump hits you, and you reach for a junky chocolate instead.

If you choose to consume refined carbohydrates, you will end up having a glucose high, and a false sense of energy, followed soon after by an energy slump, when your blood glucose dips again, and you’ll end up feeling fidgety, irritable, as well as tired, and unfocused.

This is when you end up reading a page, and wondering what you’ve just read, only to start at the beginning again. This is because your brain has run out of energy, due to your poor food choices.

Dinner should once again be a balanced meal, with wholesome, unrefined carbohydrates, good, clean protein, and should be consumed before 7pm.

When your stomach is full, trying to digest its contents, your sleep will not be restorative and rejuvenating.

Serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for helping you feel calm and relaxed is released when you consume foods that contain tryptophan. However, the other amino acids in these protein rich foods compete with the uptake of tryptophan into the brain, so you may not get enough of the tryptophan into your brain to get converted into serotonin. Tryptophan containing foods are avocadoes, cottage cheese, almonds, eggs and turkey. Remember, organic is always best.

Therefore, a carbohydrate rich evening meal, if you’ve had a good balanced protein at lunch time, may allow the tryptophan to be taken up by the brain, to be converted into serotonin, then into melatonin, the hormone that helps you to go to sleep when your eyes see darkness, as night falls.

If you are a vegetarian, you must remember to eat both legumes and whole grains to give your body a full complement of the amino acids. As animal protein contains all the amino acids, you don’t have to be so careful if you are not a vegetarian.

If you choose to exercise in the evening, try to do so before 7pm too, as your body will create a number of chemicals, which could interfere with solid sleep later.

Endorphins are produced when you exercise, which are tiny chemicals that give you a feeling of well-being and satisfaction, even euphoria, increasing your self esteem and help you feel positive and happy.

Unfortunately, they are not the only compounds released, as cortisol is released too, and it can interfere with your ability to wind down, and reach a state of calmness and quiet, which is required for sound, good sleep.

Endorphins are also produced when you consume various foods, such as chocolate, cheese and even wheat, some researchers believe. Which may explain why these foods can be addictive. So, if you find yourself reaching for a snack, and it contains one of these substances, maybe a vigorous walk around the block would be a better choice, as it will leave you feeling happy and positive too, besides all the other benefits that exercise bestows, versus the ‘addictive’ snack, that will only leave you wanting more of the same.

Fortunately, if you are consuming the right kinds of EFA’s, your synapses will be capable of releasing neurotransmitters effectively, so your neurons will be able to communicate well. EFA’s also contribute to a stable mood and the lifting of mild depression.

Coffee also has the ability to give you a surge of energy, and although its most peoples choice of early morning, mid-morning and mid-afternoon ‘pick-me-up’ it may simply be giving you a surge of energy due to its ability to release adrenalin, so it may be doing you more harm than good in the long term. Herbal teas, as well as plain, filtered water, offer more benefits, with no down sides.

People have become very good at self-medication, as experience has taught us that we can regulate our moods with what we consume. Your food can be your best medicine, helping you to avoid artificial stimulants like sugar and caffeine, as well as sleeping tablets and anxiolytics, to calm you down.

Once you understand that what you eat does influence your state of mind, you can become more productive, happier and less prone to mood swings.

Conjunctivitis – Dos, Don’ts and Myths

Most parts of our country are rejoicing with the start of the rainy season. The parched earth assumes a rejuvenated new appearance and the farmer heaves a sigh of relief. However, like all the other seasons, it does bring with it some specific risks and illnesses.”Eye Flu” or Conjunctivitis is one such affliction. Every year, around this time, the incidence of eye flu increases dramatically.

Conjunctivitis is an infection & inflammation of the eye membrane on the white portion of the eyeball and under the eyelids. It is usually caused by virus or bacteria which are highly contagious. Stagnant water, unfinished construction, air pollution and humid weather are perfect breeding conditions for virus and bacteria.

Conjunctivitis causes redness, itching, discharge (watery or thick), crusting that forms overnight, eye ache, sensitivity to light and gritty feeling in the eyes. A burning sensation is also quite common. It may be preceded or followed by fever, cold or sore throat in a few patients. In rare cases, pus formation may be noticed inside the eye. Conjunctivitis is generally not a serious problem. But it is important to consult at any best eye hospital, because if the flu is severe and not treated in time, it may affect the cornea and cause keratitis or ulcers affecting vision. Bacterial conjunctivitis is generally treated with antibiotic drops or ointment along with anti-inflammatory eye drops. Oral antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve symptoms.
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Some tips for managing the disease:

· Wash your hands with soap & water or use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

· Individuals having conjunctivitis must pay particular attention to hygiene-do not share clothing, personal items, toiletries, etc.

· Do not touch your eyes repeatedly.

· Avoid public places and swimming.


· Frequent washing of hands with soap and water or sanitizer should be ensured by patients and everybody else around them.

· Frequent eye wash with cold filter water & cold compression with ice packs helps in relieving symptoms.

· To wipe eyes, use tissue paper and dispose of it properly in the dustbin.

· Wear sunglasses to avoid glare and decrease accidental eye contact with fingers.

· Antibiotic and anti inflammatory eye drops to be used as prescribed by eye specialist-preferably have a separate set of eye drops for each eye.


· People with conjunctivitis should avoid public places and handshakes, sharing their clothing, bedding or sunglasses.

· Do not rub your eyes.

· Temporarily avoid the usage of contact lenses.

· Do not share eye drops -it can cause cross contamination.

· Do not use steroid eye drops or over the counter medicines from chemist without seeing an Ophthalmologist.


· One can get conjunctivitis by looking at a person suffering with same-it is not an airborne disease and spreads only through contact.

· Using any eye drop prior can prevent conjunctivitis-there is no preventive anti-viral eye drop.

Note:People with conjunctivitis can join back offices & school after few days-there should be no watering or matting of eyelashes by this time.

Sunlight: A D-Lightful Vitamin For Your Heart

“We estimate that vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition in the world.” Dr. Michael F. Holick, Vitamin D expert.

“Vitamin D deficiency is an unrecognized, emerging cardiovascular risk factor, which should be screened for and treated. Vitamin D is easy to assess, and supplementation is simple, safe, and inexpensive.” James H. O’Keefe MD, Director of Preventive Cardiology, Mid America Heart Institute, Kansas City, Missouri.

“Humans make thousands of units of vitamin D within minutes of whole body exposure to sunlight.” Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director, Vitamin D Council.

Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a pandemic. It is estimated to affect over one billion people worldwide. It is prevalent in virtually every segment of the US population, including children and adults.

Vitamin D undergoes two hydroxylations in the body for activation. The metabolites are calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) and calcidiol (25-hydroxyvitamin D3). Calcitriol is the active form of vitamin D in the body.

Although traditionally associated with defects of bone and calcium metabolism, it has now become recognized as an important vitamin for overall good health. Besides neonatal tetany, rickets, osteopmalacia and osteoporosis, its deficiency has recently been linked to several other diseases, including autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, colorectal cancer, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Adequate vitamin d levels may also play a role in cancer prevention. Its deficiency may increase the risk of both type I and type II diabetes, some infectious diseases such as active tuberculosis and periodontal disease. Deficiency is associated with an increase in overall general mortality.

Adequate levels of Vitamin D are also necessary for optimal cardiovascular health. Several studies have found that that vitamin D deficiency is associated with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, heart failure, cardiac rhythm irregularities, coronary artery disease and heart attacks. It deficiency has also been linked to several cardiovascular risk factors, including obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, peripheral arterial disease, and kidney diseases. Its deficiency has also been linked to excess cardiovascular mortality. Data also indicates that raising vitamin d levels to normal can substantially reduce the elevated cardiovascular risk.

The major source of vitamin D for humans is from cutaneous synthesis upon exposure to sunlight. It is estimated that approximately 30 minutes of direct skin exposure of the arms and face to sunlight can provide the daily vitamin D needs of the body (400 IU). Dietary sources of Vitamin D, although minor, can still be an important source of vitamin D in humans. Ordinary dietary sources usually provide (100 IU of vitamin D per day, and fortified foods may provide up to 200 to 400 IU of vitamin D daily. Fatty fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines are the richest natural sources of vitamin D and an important way to maintain optimal levels. Although organ meats, such as liver, have a healthy vitamin d content, their intake is restricted because of the high cholesterol content. Edible mushrooms and eggs from hens that have been fed vitamin D are also a good food source of vitamin D. Fortified foods are an important source of vitamin d and can help reduce hypovitaminosis. Western societies often fortify foods such as fruit juices, grains, milk, cereal and oils with calcium and vitamin D. Vegetables are not a good source for vitamin D.

Vitamin D toxicity is extremely rare. Prolonged massive doses may result in high calcium levels. This is associated with loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, constipation and generalized weakness. Toxicity may also cause confusion and irregular heart beats.

You should ask your physician to check your vitamin D levels during your routine physical. If you are deficient in vitamin D, oral supplementation will be required. For most patients with cardiovascular disease, a higher dose of about 1000 IU to 2000 IU is needed. If your levels are extremely low, few doses of 50,000 IU may be required initially. Vitamin D is fat soluble and should be taken with a snack or meal containing fat. And of course, do not forget the sun.

“Sunlight is more powerful than any drug; it is safe, effective, and available free of charge. If it could be patented, it would be hyped as the greatest medical breakthrough in history. It’s that good.” Mike Adams. Natural health researcher and author.

Aromatherapy Methods Of Exercise – Vaporisation

One of the most popular ways of using Oil is through evaporation. Sometimes called “burn” and the candle are fed sprinklers often referred to as “oil burners”. But the truth is the last thing I want to do is burn the essential oil. It will destroy the oil, and as someone who left an “oil burner” is a dry wit, and emits a terrible Vaporiser smell.

The most common method is to see a vaporizer which is essentially a small bowl suspended over a candlelit tea. Basin is filled with water and adds a few drops of essential oil. A burning candle heats the water and essential oil to dry. To use one of these insurances, choose one with a generous bowl size. This will ensure that the heat of the candle is completely diffuse, which means that the cup was filled with great frequency. Also, make sure the candles are not near the glass as this can overheat the water. Always add the water first, then the essential oil because the oil floating on the surface. Never leave the sprayer unattended and keep away from children and pets. Also, make sure it is close to flammable substances, for example, do not use in an office where there is no paper.

Another simple way to vaporization of the essential oil is a bowl of water. Just fill a glass with boiling water and hot recently floating a few drops of essential oil to the surface. Do not use a plastic cup, as some essential can react with and damage the plastic. It is better to use a glass or ceramic bowl, which can heat. It is also a good way to congestion, such as breathing the aroma steam will help open the airways. However, do not use the network for asthmatics because it can worsen the situation. Again be careful with this method for children and not let the cup without supervision.

A simple spray room can be created by mixing a few drops of essential oil in a small amount of alcohol (vodka is unique because it has no strong odor) in a spray bottle. Then fill with water or shake well and spray. Ensure the spray paint, polished or plastic surfaces, such as oils can damage once.

One of the easiest ways to vaporization of oil is an electric vaporizer. Although there are some in the market with the use of deep water basins, it is best not to use water. The advantage of this is just hot enough for the oil vaporization, but not hots enough to burn. Therefore, it is much safer to use the spray, especially if you have children or pets. It is also suitable for offices, other workplaces and anywhere where the fire should be considered extremely dangerous.

Aromatherapy Skin Formulas For Summer Skin Care

Space explorers once considered plant oil extracts as a protectant for the skin from powerful sun rays in outer space. Thankfully we don’t need rockets for the tests!

It’s really easy to make yourself an after-sun, antioxidant, inflammation reducing formula that will prevent the premature aging that we’re aware summer sun is known to do. These formulas can be used in conjunction with your sunscreen if you like.
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The plant oils that can have the greatest effect are the CO2 extracts of Sea Buckthorn Berry, the deep orange carrot root CO2 oil calendula (which we didn’t mention in the recipes, but certainly could be used, German chamomile, German blue chamomile, chamomile, rosemary oil high in antioxidants and rose hip (not the carrier, but that’s good too!) The reason these oils are so interesting is that they’re all very gentle, and won’t irritate the skin, or make your eyes tear, and have a higher concentration of important nutrients that can help the skin stop, or at least slow down the skin’s aging process that sun can create.

Their gentleness allows them to be used in high concentrations in your recipes without the intense feeling steam distilled oils can cause. Each of these CO2 oils contains a great natural balance of phytonutrients that that may halt 2 important skin aging processes: oxidation and inflammation.

Damaging oxidative molecules are created when light rays alters the structure of healthy molecules in the skin. The molecule which has lost an electron becomes an oxidative radical and removes particles from other molecules(a simplified explanation, yes, but pretty well sums it up).

The anti-oxidants found in these carbon dioxide distilled oils stops this process by giving up an electron to the oxidative radical.There are several “classes” of oxidative radicals, and that’s one reason a blend of antioxidant oils can be useful.

Inflammation is also a factor of sun exposure that is important to address. German chamomile CO2, and many carrier oils are also known for their inflammation-reducing effectsas are the CO2 extracts, but the Chamomile may be the strongest, It’s helpful to choose base oils with these properties for your recipes.

Don’t limit yourself if you don’t have all the oils mentioned; just using a couple potent antioxidant extracts can really help your skin after sun exposure.

Apply these blends right after you’ve been in the sun, and perhaps again later in the day for best results. They will leave a little color on your skin, but will absorb fairly quickly. ALSO, you can use these BEFORE sun exposure, as well as after, for even better protection.

Here are some recipes: For each ounce you make, start with a base of 1/3rd each Virgin Coconut, Tamanu and Rosehip Seed Carrier Oils. Then add the following: 35 drops (or 1ml) seabuckthorn berry extract, carrot root, 7 drops of rosemary antioxidant oil, plus 11 drops German chamomile, German blue chamomile, chamomile.

You can also mix and match the oils listed — as what are called “supercritical CO2 extracts”, they will not burn or irritate the skin as some essential oils can, and have very potent therapeutic properties. These blends also are at least as good, if not better, than anything you’ll find in the store, and you can make enough to last all Summer long on a fairly limited budget.

Choosing The Right Medical Advice

When it comes to health there are many things that we are told and many of them have less to do with actions that will make us healthy and more to do with actions that will help to increase the wealth of certain special interest groups. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised that your health or lack there of is directly proportionate to who can make money from your disease.

Now this may strike you as a dishonest set of practices but you will probably not be surprised to learn that the foods that the “they of them” tell you to eat are those that someone is paying to have promoted through the government. It is for this reason that one minute they are promoting fruits and vegetables and the next meat, cheese, and milk. This has nothing to do with your health but who is paying the bills. You see it is those with the deepest pockets in the United States who have their agenda being pushed at any given time.

The same is true about exercise programs and about health care regimens. Many even feel that this is the reason why a cure for cancer will never be discovered. Other health issues have also been considered to be too profitable to the drug companies to ever solve. Unfortunately this is probably more fact than any of us would like to admit.

In the end determining what exactly is perfect for you and your loved ones is not about who is paying the bills but about determining what works for your body and your mind. Numerous have turned modern medicine into a enterprise and have turned very good wellness into some thing which you can purchase and sell. Ultimately, wellness comes from inside and determining the most beneficial course of action for yourself is your finest defense against disease.

Your body has quite a bit of expertise inside every and every cell and it knows not merely what can make you sick but what can make you wholesome. In the end you are able to determine the correct and wrong course of treatment for your body by listening to what it tells you and watching how it responds to unique stimuli. Don’t allow any individual to decide what you should and shouldn’t do. Learn the facts and then use your own body to decide what is ideal for you in the places of health and wellness, diet plan and physical exercise, as well as unique treatment alternatives.

Why Does the Pace of Weight Loss Slacken With Time?

Most importantly, the explanation does not choose to defy or negate any of the proven scientific theories we are used to.

Primary Concept behind Losing Weight

We are all aware that in order to shed those extra pounds, we would be required to consume lesser calories and burn even more. The resultant calorie shortfall will be the main factor responsible for the rate at which you would lose weight. Therefore, a deficit of 500 calories in seven days might help lose around a pound of weight within the same time period.

However, with decreasing weight, the calorific needs of the body also come down. Hence, despite sticking to the same diet, the calorie shortfall would dwindle. Hence, the pace of weight loss slackens too! Ideally, you should resort to stricter diet regimes for maintaining the pace of the weight loss. However, strict diets might not be advisable always. You should be able to cater to the vital requirements of the body besides choosing to lose weight. There are other factors too which are known to have an impact on the calorie shortfall quotient.

Explaining Latent Factors Associated with Calorie Shortfall

Dieting could be responsible for mitigating your metabolic rate as well. Therefore, it is imperative not to skip meals as it leads the body to assume there is a shortage of food. Thereafter, your body loses the ability to burn calories rapidly and the shortfall depletes further.

In addition, you could consider resorting to daily exercise for burning more calories and keeping this shortfall from reducing. Any physical activity from normal to moderate intensity can be considered for burning calories faster. You could also consider endurance training for building muscle mass which escalates the calorie burning process further.

Therefore, the onus of fine tuning your daily regime for ensuring an optimum calorie shortfall, resides with you. You could eat less, choose to workout extensively or resort to the muscle building exercises. Remember, maintaining a reduction in calories still remains the key deciding factor for the rate of weight loss. Therefore, your calorie count should be maintained at any cost.

Eat these Foods to Increase Weight Fast

The majority of folks want to shed weight. Well that could be a good thing to do especially if your fat! A lot of people also know how to drop weight. Of the best ways is to just eliminate more energy than you eat! This really is fairly simple.

What most people don’t seem to have an understanding of is how and why they gain excess weight so fast. So let’s evaluate several foods that will probably allow you to get weight fast. Then you could utilize these meals to gain more weight or you will just quit enjoying them to aid yourself begin to get rid of a couple extra pounds! Before we chat about the foods, just remember that each pound you want to gain demands 3500 calories extra on average.

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One of my favored foods for gaining weight is the wonderful cinnamon roll. Assuming you have never had a sugar-cinnamon roll before look out, they taste very sensible ! There are plenty of good sugar-cinnamon rolls you can get in the world, nonetheless let’s be truthful, one of the very best is made by Cinnabon. These little babies tend to be more than just delightful, they are absolutely delicious! Even better they come in at a respectable 700 calories per roll, therefore you only need to eat 5 to gain that additional pound you have been dying for, and may perhaps just die for!

The actual beloved item on my checklist is Fried potatoes. One can choose from so many designs and sizes it is almost unjust. I may never be able to taste them all! Well they are good, and greasy. They are commonly made by deep frying in oil and salting intensely, this contributes to an exceptionally tasty mix of sea salt and oil that helps the body to not know when it is no longer hungry. The normal serving of fries has somewhere between four hundred and 600 calories, nonetheless don’t be bothered if you get the added giant size offered with most dishes you will probably get close to 1000 calories per serving!

Another one of my personal most favorite is undoubtedly ice cream. I adore gourmet ice cream created from additional rich cream. A number of ice cream businesses essentially have herds of cows selectively bred specifically for their particular skill to generate cream with a lot more fat inside it! Many people also produce ice cream with all varieties of excellent rich additives just like candy, caramel, nuts, and also chocolate buttons! A sensible sized portion of ice cream with a few nice appetizing items blended in may set you up with far more than thousands of calories from fat. This can be the easy means to increase some pounds!

These actions we hope aren’t applied too literally, since with the usual habits of people choosing desserts for breakfast, fried cooking for lunch, and fattening cooking for dinner which includes a fine ice cream treat it becomes straightforward to acquire a couple of kilos inside a weeks time. If you keep clear of foods similar to these you will probably undoubtedly be on your way to not putting on weight swiftly, and possibly even burning off a several pounds. Having a well-balanced diet regime is everything many folks need to start to shed weight and reach far better overall health in their lives. It truly isn’t challenging to be balanced, you need to simply make the decision to do so, and keep going with the essential actions!

Smoking Causes Wrinkles

Can smoking induce wrinkles? According to many experts, the response is yes because it speeds up the normal aging method of your skin and gives to wrinkles coming out. You will not be able to see the direct effects of smoking right away but it can after you have smoked for a decade so and the bad word is that this is irreversible.

Smoking is rated only second to sun exposure as the leading cause of wrinkles. It intervenes with the absorption of Vitamin A and C both of which supply us with skin protection. This is because nicotine the main ingredient in cigarettes promotes dehydration.

It also contracts the blood vessels in the outmost levels of the skin. THIs spoils blood flow exhausting it of oxygen and significant nutrients such as Vitamin A. It also harms collagen and elastin. These are both fibers that give your skin its durability and elasticity making it droop and wrinkle untimely.

The heat from the cigarette causes irritation around the eyes and pushes the smoker to squint to a greater extent. This leads to increased wrinkles particularly around the eyes. You will also grow hollowed cheeks around the mouth from many years of drawing this in between your lips.

This has also guided physicians to believe that there is a relationship between wrinkles in the mouth and COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as this may to airflow blockage.

Aside from the wrinkles forming on your face, this will also be manifest in other parts of the body including the inner arms even if these regions are shrouded by your apparel.

If you have been smoking for a very long time, someone who is in their 30’s may have similar wrinkles to a nonsmoker who is already in his or her 50’s.

So what is the morale of the story? Well, by nature quit smoking because no quantity of anti-aging cream in the market will get rid of the wrinkles induced by cigarette smoking. Given that this vice is a habit, this is easier said than done so a lot of experts propose that this should be done bit by bit.

If you neglect to do so, you are just dawdling purchasing emollients and moisturizers or even going through treatment with the aid of a skin doctor because this will soon come back. What is more defective is that these are very costly.

If you are able to quit smoking, it also has other health benefits such as adding a few more years to your life and prevents you from being diagnosed with lung cancer and smoke related diseases in the future.

Aside from giving up this habit, you should also begin by concentrating on a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. This will help bring blood to the surface of the skin and start to refill the capillaries with oxygen. You should also avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine as this also dehydrates the skin. To be sure you get your daily dosage of Vitamin A and C, go take some food supplements.

Smoking causes wrinkles and other health related troubles the longer you stick to this vice. Why should you wait before it is too late when you will be able to look your age? If you are able to, cease right away because there are worse things than can happen aside from having wrinkles and your skin sag.

Dentist Essendon

One оf thе mоst common reasons why people lose confidence іn thеmselveѕ iѕ the condition оf thеіr teeth. Your smile iѕ a timeless аnd invaluable asset. It сan brighten а person’s day оr make that special ѕоmеone fall head ovеr heels fоr you. But what іf уоur teeth аre dirty and yellow? What іf yоur teeth hаve disgusting blotches that prevent уou from smiling а winning smile? Would уоu аctuallу stop yоurѕelf from smiling? Are уou gоіng tо kеeр yоur lips sealed fоr yоur whоlе life?

There іѕ ѕomethіng уou can do to remedy your yellow teeth; thеrе іѕ somеthing yоu саn dо to gain back the confidence you lost. You thіnk уou wіll bе asked to visit а dentist. Yes, that іѕ ѕuch a great idea, but gоing tо thе dentist еverу sо оftеn can tаke uр much оf your earnings. There iѕ аn easier and mоre economical way to get rid of thе yellow and bring back thе whiteness of уour teeth.

Super White Teeth whitener system iѕ а superior product that іs designed and formulated tо drastically whiten the yellowed teeth. With thiѕ high-end product, yоu саn аlreаdy ѕaу goodbye tо thе dark blotches оn your teeth. Super White Teeth whitening free trial offer іѕ the bеѕt treat уоu сan get from manufacturers. If yоu are in the United Kingdom, Canada or United States of America, уou сan avail of thіs free trial samples offer.

Would іt not be great tо hаvе a powerful tooth bleaching product іn уоur hands for free? All that уou hаve tо pay fоr thiѕ fourteen-day trial period іs thе shipping and handling fee оf the whitening kit. This іѕ a great wау for уou to test thе effectiveness of thе product. Even іf thіѕ product iѕ proven to rеally whiten teeth bу consumers аnd dentists alike, іt iѕ stіll bеst tо trу thе product on your оwn befоrе yоu buy it. Only уou сan convince yоursеlf how much thе product саn hеlp yоu resolve уour problem.

Here arе а number of things уоu саn enjoy wіth thе Super White Teeth whitening free trial offer:

• By agreeing tо tаke thе free trials offer, уou аrе tо gеt а 30-day supply оf the whitening kit that includes а gel pen аnd a teeth tray. All thаt you havе to pay іs thе courier charge.
• You arе goіng to gеt instant results іn your firѕt application of the Super White Teeth system. In ten minutes, you will notice а gradual lightening оf the enamel surface of your teeth. This product covers аll the corners оf your mouth, ensuring thаt еaсh tooth іs reаlly whitened.
• Super White Teeth whitener system is applied fоr оnly ten minutes а day. You аre gоіng tо get dazzle white аnd celebrity white teeth in аs fast aѕ ten minutes daily. Heavily-stained teeth nеed ѕevеn days tо bе white again, while lightly-stained teeth nееd juѕt two.
• The product gіves уоu fresh breath whіlе it whitens уоur teeth beсаuѕе thе gel pen comeѕ іn а mint flavor.

Super White Teeth whitening free trial iѕ indеed а great deal that yоu ѕhould not miss. You havе gоt nothіng to lose, ѕo tаke yоur trial today.

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Diet and Treatment diabetes

As a single parent I really find it hard to make ends meet. I know that very often I do not buy the foods that I should [Read More]

Airway inflammation following smoking

Studies of bronchial biopsy specimens of smokers and ex-smokers with moderate to severe COPD have also demonstrated [Read More]

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