Sunday April 24th 2016

Sciatica Exercises – How to Lead a Pain Free Existence

Sciatica is a very distressing ailment to have because it leads to a lot of pain in the legs as well as feet and toes. Sciatic pain can also be experienced in the buttocks. This ailment occurs when one or more of the sciatic nerves that exit the lower spine get compressed or irritated due to some reason. This could be a herniated disc or any other disorder of the lower back. Doctors usually prescribe painkillers for this problem but this is not a good long term solution. You might also be asked to go in for surgery but this is a risky procedure and therefore one that most people avoid. However, you will find a lot more relief from your pain if you do Sciatica exercises regularly.

There is increasing evidence that Sciatica exercises are the most effective method of getting relief from this painful condition. When you get an attack of Sciatica your first impulse might be to rest for a day or two and take painkillers at the same time. However, the pain will always be there because the cause of the problem has not been addressed. As a matter of fact, prolonged inactivity will only aggravate the condition because it will weaken the muscles, leading to additional strain on them. The other advantage of exercising regularly is that the spinal discs will be very healthy and less prone to collapse.

It is interesting to note that Sciatica exercises tend to be very simple and easy to do. Hamstring stretches, for example, are very effective in this circumstance because they reduce the stress on the lower back and down the leg. These stretches are very easy to do and give almost immediate relief from the pain that you feel. You will also get a lot of relief if you do simple aerobic exercises. Walking is the probably the best exercise that you could do because it does not cause any stress to your muscles. It will increase the blood circulation to your lower body and increase your overall fitness levels. Swimming will also help alleviate the pain that Sciatica causes. Running, on the other hand, might actually cause you have more pain because you might pull some muscles and nerves.

You should be very careful about doing the right Sciatica exercises so that you do not injure yourself inadvertently. Over time you will get a lot of relief from your symptoms and will be able to lead a pain free existence.

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