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Treatment for Children and Hq Canadian Pharmacy

In the future, while still pregnant, woman will have to teach the child how to eat. Food accepted by a pregnant woman and the way it is accepted greatly influences the child that would be born. Food creates people. It raises or lowers them.

The greatest evil for modern women is miscarriage. Statistics show that in New York, in 1905, one hundred thousand miscarriages took place. It is not allowed for someone to miscarry a child neither from the mind, nor from the womb, nor from the heart if one wants to be a Christian. If a good thought comes to you, you say: “I will throw it away.” You will throw, but then you fall ill. It is not a sin that you have had a bad thought, but the sin is to miscarriage. There are already idiots in the world. Bad thoughts that torture you are those children, those thoughts, those desires that you have miscarried once and now they impede you in any endeavor of yours. So, from now on, do not miscarry and pray God to forgive you for the bad use of all good thoughts and wishes, of all your children you have killed.

Treatment for Children

During her pregnancy, a woman must eat properly, with good, harmonious Women, who want to get rid of pregnancy, do not know that any violence on themselves bear not only physically, but also spiritual consequences.

Miscarriage is ten times more dangerous than childbirth, because Nature is rational and every woman is compensated. She renovates with every birth. She becomes wiser, and the one that miscarries, loses heart and organic powers.

After a birth, the internal connection between a child and a mother continues, although in another way. A child that was carried by its mother, but not breastfed, loses something very precious. There is a connection between the ether doppelgangers of the mother and of the child. That is why the child should not live away from the mother till its 14th year. The milk of the mother is very important for the child. When the child touches the breast of the mother, it is influenced not only by the milk, but also by the magnetic power that flows alternately from the left and right breasts of the mother. The effect will not be the same if the child is breastfed by another woman. A power comes out of the mother, which nobles the child. When a mother breastfeeds her child, she should be in good moods and not angry.

A child that was not breastfed by the mother cannot become a person, nor a genius, nor a saint. When a mother breastfeeds her child three years on the run, she should live a pure life, without any negative thoughts. She shall be quiet and calm. Nothing would disturb her peace. There are rational powers in the mother’s milk that could not be found in any other food.

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